We fell in love with the idea of setting up shop in Detroit after a visit in September 2012. We Met Bob Sestok, a prominent Cass Corridor artist since the 1960s. I asked him if he knew of any industrial property in Detroit and he suggested 333 Midland, Highland Park.

Highland Park is a small enclave within the Detroit City, equally distressed. 333 Midland is in an industrisl precinct surrounded by mostly decaying housing or waste land. despite this, Midland is a thiving road with active businesses, 333 being almost the last to be snapped up for development.

In 2013 and 2014, Bob made significant progress turning the property into a viable center for artists - new roofs, electric, water and gas supply to the Annex, ready for our first intrepid tenants. Bob hosted BIG Painting @ the Factory in 2014 which launched 333 Midland into the art scene of Detroit.

Big Dave's Tree Services
A cold kiwi.
Snow in March
Re-roofing Annex
The first artwork at 333
Three dumpsters of rubbish and old roof removed
The Annex re-roofed, closed in and secure
New water main required
Trenches for water and electric supply
Beginning to clear the drop ceiling
Repairs to the main roof
Re-roof well underway
Annex ready for intrepid tenants
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